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Bakker Vis – Maxima Seafood

We buy, process and deliver all kinds of fish in practically no time. Everything revolves around our dynamic fish processing plant in the Port of IJmuiden where the fish arrives, is processed to order, and then rushed to transport. All over the world, fish traders, wholesalers, importers, retailers and ambulant vendors know they can count on our experience, dedication and consistent quality.

A wide selection of seafood


Our location on the North Sea means that we specialise in sole, turbot, cod and flounder. But we are also a well-known supplier of shelled scallops (USA), tuna fillet, smoked and salted fish andshellfish. The proximity of Schiphol (for fish which arrives by air-freight) and Rotterdam (for the frozen fish) puts the rest of the world within easy reach, thus enabling us to supply every conceivable kind of fish.







It’s all about speed

We are a multifaceted fish processing company capable of providing customised fish processing and refrigerated transport. Private label packaging is yet another of our services.

Also check out our film for a short impression of our company!

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